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NLP & ML to provide Insights for a premium customer experience

Modica is the largest business SMS messaging company in NZ, with clients including banks, public services and large software applications.

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Modica recognised that they could provide their clients with deeper insight to their business using their SMS data - with use cases including fraud, privacy, customer sentiment, and anomaly detection. Without their own data insights or Machine Learning expertise in-house, they decided to partner with Arcanum to deliver this new premium product to their clients.

We wanted Modica customers to consume the new insights in a dashboard, with alerts that trigger business processes across security, customer experience and marketing.

Arcanum built NLP and ML models that generated insights from the millions of messages processed by Modica. This delivered data in near real-time via an API into individual client Quicksight accounts (an AWS dashboard product).

Arcanum built and integrated the models within 6 weeks, ready for testing and deployment at scale. Security and privacy were paramount, so Arcanum built the solution to run in the Modica AWS environment, meaning no data left their jurisdiction. All the models are monitored remotely to ensure ongoing quality, compliance and accuracy

“Arcanum has a great technical capability, however it was the speed and simplicity of their delivery that impressed. We are excited about working with them on new use cases for ML”. - Stu Wilson, CEO

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