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Get to intelligent applications faster

The Arcanum platform dramatically reduces the time it takes to add data science and machine learning into software applications.

Science to Software

The platform automates the conversion of AI/ML models into ready-to-deploy software that DevOps and IT infrastructure teams are used to. No change program required.

ROI measurement

The platform monitors technical and use-case performance metrics to join the dots between data investments and business outcomes. Evidence of progress.

Integration of intelligence into applications

Improve UX and digital services with improved contextual, adaptive and data driven user experiences for internal and external software applications.


Rapidly add intelligent features

Deliver your roadmap of next generation features like; intelligent recommendations, personalisation and automation.


Move from Business Information to Business Intelligence

Add predictive and prescriptive analytics into your existing BI pipelines without a change program. Become a next-level data driven organisation.

Outcomes across the organisation

Data scientist

Expand your work impact to externally facing applications & users
Transform code from a Notebook to production ready API's in a few clicks
Out-of-the-box monitoring of models in production


Run AI/ML models, services and workloads with existing tech stack
Maintain full control over CI/CD, testing and system monitoring
Retain flexibility with cloud and tool agnostic

Data Exec

Reduce the time to delivering data/intelligence outcomes
Co-create technical solutions to reduce risk and change
Increase capability scope with Arcanum tools and micro-applications

Business Exec

Build delivery confidence and momentum in digital transformation initiatives
Data driven evidence of business outcomes and ROI
Move innovation out of the organisational 'kill zone' and into BAU faster

Deploy ready-made ML applications

  • Model & service library
  • Containerised deployment
  • Cloud or on-prem
  • Cloud agnostic
  • API driven
  • Model monitoring

Feature Roadmap

  • Automated R conversion
  • AI 'as an API' service integration
  • Drag and drop workflow
  • Deploy to device (IoT)
  • Model optimisation
  • Model management

Integrations (pending)

  • Jupyter Notebook IDEs
  • Sagemaker
  • Azure ML Studio
  • Monitoring
  • Dynatrace
  • Sumo Logic
  • Data Dog
  • CI/CD
  • AWS Codepipeline
  • Azure DevOps Server
  • Circle CI
  • Jenkins
  • Model build platforms
  • R Enterprise
  • SAS

Your Data Scientist support team


Accessible pricing

We built the platform to solve our own problems, now we want to ensure we solve your most impactful pain points too.

Our easy billing means you only pay per deployed workflow each month, and the more you have the cheaper it gets.

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