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Our mission is to help ambitious changemakers unlock the future of work with AI + automation.


In the heart of Wellington, New Zealand, nestled among its vibrant streets and innovative spirit, our story began. It's a tale not just of technology and business, but of dreams, challenges, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

From Pharma to Tech: A Global Adventure

Our journey started over a decade ago in 2008, when Arcanum’s founder and CEO Asa, a seasoned professional from the pharmaceutical industry in the UK, embarked on a global odyssey. With 15 years in business development and licensing under his belt, he ventured to New Zealand, seeking new horizons. His passion for innovation led him to Canada, where he dipped his toes into the tech world, thanks to some visionary pharmaceutical lawyers from Silicon Valley.

The Birth of a Vision in AI and Machine Learning

As AI began to emerge from academic circles into the real world, Asa immersed himself in this burgeoning field. His experience in Silicon Valley was a deep dive into a world of endless possibilities, shaping his vision for what would become our company. Moving to New Zealand, he decided to lay down roots, driven by a desire to create something groundbreaking.

A Coffee, a Beer, and a Bold Idea

The inception of our company in 2016 was as quintessentially Kiwi as it gets - over a coffee and beer in Wellington. Conversations about machine learning and business development sparked an idea that soon took on a life of its own. In a world barely familiar with AI, Asa saw an opportunity to lead and innovate.

From Professional Services to AI Pioneering

Initially, we offered professional services, working with banks, energy companies, and various businesses, navigating the then-nascent field of AI. Our journey evolved from fulfilling AI 'tick box' exercises to spearheading innovative AI-based solutions.

The Shift to SaaS and AI Integration

18 months ago marked a pivotal shift. We began harnessing the power of pre-trained AI models like GPT-3, integrating AI into SaaS products. This transition wasn't just about technology; it was about understanding market needs and timing our innovations perfectly.

Crafting Solutions for SMBs

Today, we stand at the forefront of AI integration for small and medium-sized businesses. We've packaged our technology to address the specific needs of SMBs, focusing on efficiency and overcoming recruitment challenges in a skill-short market.

Our Promise: Innovation, Connection, Efficiency

We promise to bring the cutting-edge world of AI to your doorstep, simplifying complex technology into practical solutions. Our journey is about more than just software; it's about creating connections, understanding your challenges, and helping you grow.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

As change-makers and leaders in SMEs, you resonate with our story of transformation, resilience, and innovation. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey, as we continue to explore the limitless possibilities of AI, together shaping a smarter, more efficient future.


Our core team is made up of passionate AI enthusiasts who consume far too much Coca-Cola and M&M’s.

Diana Minnée

Virtual COO

Nathan Douglas

Data Scientist

Sam Bentley

Junior Data Scientist

Martin White

Virtual CPO

Sam Minnée

Virtual CTO

Dave Ball

Senior DevOps Engineer

Hamish Wadham

Front End Dev

Asa Cox

Founder and CEO

Emma Wells

Product Manager

Jayson Satya


Sophie Groos

Marketing Manager

Sebastian Blask

Senior Software Engineer

Prasanna Ramachandran

Sales and Customer Success Coordinator


Stathie Tzitziras

Board Member

Stathie, with an impressive 22-year journey in the technology sector, has evolved from a network engineer to a forward-thinking entrepreneur. His expertise lies in simplifying complex tech solutions, making him an invaluable asset to our board. Stathie's passion for AI centers around its potential to create an 'automagical' and frictionless future, enhancing lives in ways we're just beginning to imagine. When not immersed in the world of technology, Stathie finds his best times on the golf course or catching waves in the surf. His ability to balance the intensity of tech with the tranquility of sports reflects the dynamic energy he brings to our team.

Stathie Tzitziras

Board Member

Andy Prow

Board Member

With an impressive 32-year journey through the IT landscape, Andy has worn many hats - from a software developer to an ethical hacker, and finally, an entrepreneur (with 6 tech companies and even an EY NZ Entrepreneur of the Year Winner). His diverse experience brings a wealth of knowledge to our board, as is our resident cyber-security and digital safety guru. Andy's passion for AI is driven by a commitment to ensure it serves "the betterment of humankind," always mindful of its ethical implications. Outside the tech world, Andy is a hardcore DIY enthusiast, often found in the wilds with his trusty chainsaw and digger. His hands-on approach to life and technology alike adds a unique and practical perspective to our board.

Andy Prow

Board Member

Scott Houston

Board Member

Scott isn't your typical Board of Directors member. Starting his tech journey with Batch Cobol, he's a veteran programmer with a knack for looking at AI through a unique lens. His curiosity isn't just about AI's future in business, but how it'll jazz up our lives in the next decade. When he's not stirring things up in the boardroom, Scott can often be found on his yacht, lost in the middle of the ocean, musing over his novel-in-progress, "Ada" — a five-year labor of love about a sentient agent. This blend of high-seas adventure and creative writing showcases the less-than-conventional spirit that Scott brings to our team.

Scott Houston

Board Member


With great power comes great responsibility

Arcanum believes in developing and deploying AI technologies that are fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory, protect individual privacy and security, have human oversight, and consider the broader social and ethical implications.

We believe that AI can be a force for good, but we also recognise the responsibility that comes with its development and deployment, and strive to ensure that it is used for the benefit of society as a whole.

Bin Wang

Head of Engineering