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Widgets and tools for Fintech product leaders to add AI features into software with speed, simplicity & scale.

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AI made easy
No change programme
Cost transparency
Unleash your awesome

Arcanum helps ambitious product leaders quickly demonstrate progress towards intelligent decision support systems and AI/ML enabled digital experiences.

We understand that building organisational momentum is key to achieving escape velocity for innovations. We know the journey to unlocking transformational impact with data requires an alignment of processes, tools and talent.

Arcanum enables you to deliver with speed, simplicity and scale.

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Case study

UX Optimisation

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Case study

Accounting categorization

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Case study

Search-centric user experience

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ADDING Intelligent applications

How does it work?

We designed the Arcanum Accelerate platform to be low-code, making it easy for anyone to add AI machine learning features quickly.

Test the ‘Quickstart’ ML features in seconds using the interactive previews, before deciding to share the API with DevOps to see how it really works.

To make things even easier, login any time to see live monitoring graphs, displaying how well your features are performing. However, you don’t need to check it constantly as Arcanum will notify you if anything is not performing how it should.

We designed the Accelerate Platform for you! It is crafted to fit your needs, and be able to fit into your pre-existing stack. Arcanum is not a hosted API service, and we enable you to rapidly deploy into your OWN environment - meaning you don't have to share confidential data.

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Arcanum Accelerate Platform

The Arcanum accelerate platform dramatically reduces the time it takes to add data science and machine learning into software applications.


Science to Software

The platform automates the conversion of AI/ML models into ready-to-deploy software that DevOps and IT infrastructure teams are used to. No change program required.


ROI measurement

The platform monitors technical and use-case performance metrics to join the dots between data investments and business outcomes. Evidence of progress.


Convert offline models to cloud deployed API's

Bridge the gap between data and DevOps teams. Unleash awesome.


Deploy ready-made ML applications

Unlock value in documents, audio files, video and IoT devices.


Build-your-own ML micro applications

Create custom solutions using our low-code platform (coming soon)


Deliver new roadmap AI/ML powered functions faster; get ahead of the competition to win customer love. Build confidence that you can keep up with demanding CX expectations, without the fear of burning out the dev team with technical stretching.

  • Deliver beyond the constraints for your internal dev team
  • Bring ‘future’ features into the next release without causing distraction
  • Make the dev team happy by suggesting easy to integrate API’s
  • Monitor ROI on new features to secure budget expansion


Deliver fast and impactful change - progressing your strategic agenda, while championing new opportunities for business improvement.

  • Progress from lab scale to factory scale initiatives
  • Leap forward in capability without recruitment or work-flow changes
  • Data privacy by default with PaaS consumption
  • Retain optionality across technology and architecture


Seamless transfer of Notebook models and code into ready-to-deploy containers.

No new tools.
Minimal training.
Unleash awesome.

  • Intelligent Arcanum Notebooks support data scientist production readiness
  • Model and code review provides performance and cost insights
  • Automated Docker container preparation for CI/CD acceptance
  • Data, model and container level monitoring out-of-the-box

“Arcanum has a great technical capability, however it was the speed and simplicity of their delivery that impressed. We are excited about working with them on new use cases for ML”.

Stu Wilson - modica

“Arcanum has a great technical capability, however it was the speed and simplicity of their delivery that impressed. We are excited about working with them on new use cases for ML”.

Stu Wilson - Nordica
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