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There are endless roadblocks and limitations to commercial AI success and scale. Arcanum was founded to help ambitious technology leaders overcome these challenges, and quickly demonstrate strategic momentum.

Using our existing applications and a low-code platform for custom solutions - all supported by the right infrastructure to scale, we’re enabling data teams to rapidly deploy applications and models. In a fraction of the time, our customers are delivering valuable AI outcomes.

Machine Learning Solutions
Machine Learning Solutions

Deploy ready-made ML applications

Reduce deployment period from months to days to quickly demonstrate value with our pre-built solutions.

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ML solutions

Create custom solutions with ease, using our low code machine learning platform.

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Access the right foundations and ecosystem for scale

Utilise our robust APIs and model management capabilities, supported by the world's largest cloud infrastructure (AWS).

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Deliver fast and impactful change - progressing your strategic agenda, while championing new opportunities for business improvement.

Uncover opportunities for revenue growth and cost reductions
Capture meaningful customer insights
Improve risk management and compliance
Boost productivity and wellbeing
Data Scientists & Engineers

Avoid complex and lengthy deployment projects. With our pre-built models and low-code platform, a single data scientist can seamlessly deploy machine learning applications without needing a DevOps or MLOps team.

Bypass deployment roadblocks and maintain models in production
Access world-class model monitoring solutions
Scale fast with end-to-end MLOps and lifecycle management
Manage, store and maintain ML artefacts and pipelines
Driving better outcomes across industries
Digital Commerce