Amazon Web Services

Accelerate your intelligent application delivery with Arcanum & AWS

As a trusted AWS technology partner, you can leverage Amazon Web Services to run your intelligent applications, made awesome by Arcanum.

The Arcanum Accelerate Platform leverages a number of AWS services including; Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, EC2, ECS and ECR to ensure your intelligent features operate as high performance micro-services.

Arcanum & AWS

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Our partnership with AWS provides unique opportunities for you to explore.

Embedded AWS Machine Learning services

Arcanum utilise core security and authentication features from AWS such as IAM and VPC. Infrastructure monitoring is powered by Amazon Cloud Watch.

Arcanum builds AI/ML solutions that leverage the power of AWS ML services to deliver impactful outcomes.

Accelerate can be integrated with Amazon Sagemaker and Sagemarket Notebook Instances if required.

You want the best possible user experience for your critical applications; with Arcanum and AWS performance is assured.