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2024 AI Adoption Canvas & Guide

CLICK HERE - Read and Download the Full AI Adoption Canvas & Guide

A comprehensive practical guide to successful AI adoption for SMEs

Many leaders and change makers are wanting to get value from AI for their company, but are unsure where and how to start.

We designed this AI adoption canvas to be a tool for getting started. Once completed, you will have a clearer idea of where and how to start as well as what to consider.

Knowing where to start your AI journey can be tricky. We’ve created a free AI adoption canvas & guide to make it easy:

  • Get a clear idea of the best use cases for your company’s unique needs
  • Understand how to prioritise your resources
  • Develop a strategic approach to AI adoption to get results
  • Gain insights into how to utilise people in your organisation

This comprehensive practical 37 page guide includes:

  • Introduction to the AI Adoption Canvas
  • And overview of the key sections
  • Recommended actions and best practices for each section

CLICK HERE - Read and Download the Full AI Adoption Canvas & Guide