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Innovative training for NZ Police

The NZ Police recruit large numbers of new officers, all of which have to undertake extensive training. As part of that training, the core system had a 1500 page PDF instruction manual that was hard to navigate!

In 2017, we envisioned a new search-centric user experience, one familiar to any new staff member who used Google. The administration also wanted to gain insights into the common questions and workflows of staff across the organisation; information that would help improve working practices and processes.

Arcanum used a combination of machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), tagging, workflow analysis and other technologies to turn NZ Police's vast amount of content data – including text documents. This was so we could provide training and short videos for regularly asked topics, or specific communications.

We created a prototype searchable database of information, so officers could learn what they needed faster. The machine learning engine also meant the knowledge is always up-to-date as it learnt from users' interactions with content.

“The speed at which Arcanum could build the AI solution addressing the problem statement helped build belief and momentum for a larger program of work in NZ Police.” Rachael Bambery, National Manager Service.

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