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How to: Navigate the Solutions, workflows and combinations pages

We all like a bit of help from a friend during our work, but not if it means having to change how we work or change technology systems. Thats why accelerate allows you to link in Archie to your existing process. You connect Archie to your existing systems and work process once using our easy no code connectors, just provide your credentials and off you go. Archie will start making life easy without having to change what systems you are using and with no change in work process required. You'll speed up your process immediately and enjoy the time back in your calendar for other things, like walking the dog in the sun or having an ice cream with the kids. Or do more other work off course.

Solutions page

This page is designed to help you refine your desired workflows by the business area you want to add automation and intelligence to.


Here you will see the different tasks available to intelligently automate presented in tiles.


View different combinations of your selected workflow to find the one that best suits your current business needs and setup. You have the ability to upvote ‘coming soon’ combinations if the one you want most is not yet available.

As we add new features, workflows and combinations to the platform, you will see them populated in these pages. You even have the ability to up-vote or heart the ones you want to be available sooner and inform our delivery roadmap.