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How to: Get the most out of your 'Home' Page

New feature banner

At the top of the page you will find the new feature banner. Click the down arrow on the top right corner to explore more about the newest features and combinations added to the platform. This will also have a direct link (where appropriate) to the new feature!

Numbers overview

Below the features banner, you will find a few counters, this tells you how many active connections you currently have to your apps. It also shows how many workflows are available on the platform currently, as well as how many upvotes are in for the coming soon workflows.

Active combinations

The active workflows view shows the Workflows that you've set up as part of your subscription. Just click on a tile to change the workflow setup or change them out for other Workflow combinations.

Recommended combinations

This section gives you custom recommendations based on what might be a good combination for you to try next.

Side Navigation menu

On the left hand side you will see the main platform navigation menu. Clicking on the ‘A’ logo at the top will take you to the home page. The 4 boxes will take you to the Solutions page. The person icon near the bottom will take you to your ‘My Account’ page. And finally, you have the log out button at the very bottom to log out of the platform.