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Getting Started with your First Workflow

We all like a bit of help from a friend during our work, but not if it means having to change how we work or change technology systems. Thats why accelerate allows you to link in Archie to your existing process. You connect Archie to your existing systems and workprocess once using our easy no code connectors, just provide your credentials and off you go. Archie will start making life easy without having to change what systems you are using and with no change in work process required. You'll speed up your process immediately and enjoy the time back in your calendar for other things, like walking the dog in the sun or having an ice cream with the kids. Or do more other work off course.

Read this to find out how to get started as soon as possible.

  1. Register on the platform and verify your email address.
  2. Login and click on the 4 squares in the left hand navigation bar to get to the Solutions page.
  3. Choose the area you want to add an intelligent automated workflow to first; Finance, Operations, Customer Experience or Sustainability.
  4. Select the card with task you want to automate on it (such as Invoice Data Extraction)
  5. Choose the Combination card that matches with the software you are currently using and want to connect to. Tip! To quickly check a combo is for you we've made manual combo's for you to try before you buy, just follow the easy steps and see the results before you decide to safely connect to your systems (click here to find out more on how we keep your data safe)
  6. To get started with setting up the combination, you need to simply click on the sections of the combination flow that require a connection (hint: they will say ‘Connect’ on them).
  7. Simply connect the combo using your normal credentials to your systems and allow Archie to take the load of your shoulders.
  8. All that’s left to do now is to click ‘Start' and see Archie in action and figure out what to do with your newly created spare time.