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Momentum consultants employs AI finance Assistant Archie to boost capacity and give their finance team relief from repetitive tasks.

Momentum Consulting is an innovative recruitment agency driven by a passionate team of busy skilled professionals.They specialise in finding the perfect people to fill the right positions, and have offices in both Auckland and Wellington.

Momentum was manually processing 100's of invoices per month, but as their growth continued they were looking for smart ways to add capacity to their finance team.

AI Powered Solution

Arcanum AI has set up Momentum with their AI Finance Assistant called Archie. Archie will integrate with their team seamlessly, working in the software they already use day-to-day; processing invoices as they come in via email, automatically coding payment in Xero, setting up new suppliers, and requesting approval when necessary.Archie has reduced the time staff spend on the repetitive task of invoice processing and empowered them to work on more impactful processes.

Using AWS Solution Architecture

Archie leverages a wide range of supporting models hosted by AWS. As the AWS ML partner of choice for the APAC region, Arcanum has built a proven scalable application stack including a rapid delivery pipeline in close collaboration with AWS according to the latest solution architecture principles.As a result, Arcanum will be able to deliver a functioning fit for purpose solution within weeks of Momentum setting up their greenfield AWS environment. As an AWS partner Arcanum were able to connect the organisation to senior technology professionals making sure the AWS environment is set up to both innovate as well as accommodate the rapid growth of the business in a cost effective and transparent way.

Secure Automation with Workato

By leveraging Workato’s secure connection capabilities, we have enabled Momentum to have Archie integrated into the workflows and systems that they are already using. This means that there is no big change programme before realizing business value, as well as confidence that data is kept secure.

Arcanum has helped Momentum to integrate ‘out of the box’ AI  assistant Archie to automate their AP workflow by automatically processing new invoices as they arrive into the team’s outlook inbox, then adding it into their Xero draft bills list including line item GST, account coding and requesting new supplier approval from a human colleague when needed. The human in the loop is key for approving the draft bills.

“We believe the value and potential of using AI technology is that it can leverage the exceptional human capabilities we have and find for clients.  Archie has already added additional security functions spotting a fraudulent invoice in seconds. Archie is a powerful solution to enhance our offerings, increase our capacity, and support our business goals. We want to lead the way for others in the industry, and this is why we wanted to work with Arcanum to implement this innovative solution”

Nick Roberts, CEO, Momentum

“We believe that integrating easy and secure AI solutions like Archie into back office functions is a huge opportunity for high growth businesses right now. Not only are you giving your team some relief from painful repetitive tasks, you are increasing the value they can add by creating more time for them to work on higher value tasks. By outsourcing the AI solutions to specialists, you are not only increasing speed to value, but are minimizing risk.”

Asa Cox, CEO & Founder, Arcanum AI