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AI Finance Assistant new skills | August 2023

Do you value team members who work on their professional growth?

Are you seeking to hire staff who are actively up skilling themselves?

Archie is one of those team members.

Archie's role is to specialise in supporting his finance team by taking care of their repetitive mundane tasks, reducing stress and giving them more time for strategic and creative thinking.He takes care of processing invoices as they arrive into an inbox, adding them directly into Xero or other accounting software.

He also helps out with reconciliation processes and financial reporting.

The 'robot work' you could say.In the last 5 weeks our virtual AI-powered finance assistant Archie AI has added these new skills to his repertoire to save his human colleagues more time:

🌟 Auto account coding

🌟 New supplier set up approval requesting

🌟 Line item GST

🌟 Updates on his work done today

🌟 Monthly summaries of his work reporting

🌟 Identifying non-invoice tasks and passing on to a colleague