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Relief from repetition

Easily and securely automate painful back office tasks. Give teams time back to spend on higher value work with AI assistants.

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Have less humans doing the robot work with AI assistants automating their painful back office functions.

Finance teams

Feeling the pain of repetitive manual data entry? Low skill tasks taking up too much time? Want better real-time visibility of cashflow? AI + automation for invoice processing from an inbox to accounting software including line item GST, account coding and new supplier approval and set-up.

Customer support

Inboxes flooded with basic FAQ’s? Stressed and overloaded teams struggling to improve FRT’s? Want to improve your current team’s capacity?  AI + automation for FAQ ticket responding from a support inbox leveraging state of the art Generative AI.

Sales teams (coming soon!)

Struggling to balance quality and quantity when it comes to lead qualifying and nurturing?  AI + automation for qualifying and nurturing leads and sending personalised messages to increase conversions.

Case Study

Momentum consultants employs AI finance Assistant Archie to boost capacity and give their finance team relief from repetitive tasks

“We see the value and potential of using AI technology as a powerful solution to enhance our offerings, increase our capacity, and support our business goals. We want to lead the way for others in the industry, and this is why we wanted to work with Arcanum to implement this innovative solution”

Nick Roberts, CEO

We were able to process more than 60,000 invoices in the first month with no issues and a very high accuracy rate. We are also really impressed with how well it has handled handwritten and blurry invoices.

Chad, CTO

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Financial Services

Professional Services




Financial Services

Professional Services



By hiring an AI assistant to take care of the painful, repetitive tasks, teams are able to handle a higher workload and prioritize higher impact work.

HAppier teams and happier customers

Give back-office workers relief from the constant repetitive tasks that clutter their inbox and give them more time to spend on more rewarding work.

Manage staff shortage related risks

Be better prepared for unexpected staff shortages due to sickness, leaving and holiday.

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