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Are you missing the expert resources or bandwidth to add AI/ML into your software or add some new AI/ML powered insights into a BI function, Arcanum has skills you need.

We are ready to listen to your vision and partner with you through the process to delivery in an incredibly short time. Arcanum has the experience you need to move fast.

Experience across AI

Arcanum has worked on over 50 algorithms, models and neural networks since 2016, covering all the domains and flavours of AI/ML typically used by businesses.

Structure Data

  • Single/multiple datasets
  • Batch or real-time data
  • Legacy or cloud

Example use cases:

  • Customer churn prediction
  • Spend allocation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Duplicate part detection

Documents (NLP)

  • Single/multiple doc types
  • Text/keyword extraction
  • Insights

Example use cases:

  • Customer sentiment
  • Email script compliance
  • Abusive text alerts
  • Batch summarisation

Images & Video

  • Video streams or CCTV
  • Photos or images of docs
  • Insights and analytics

Example use cases:

  • Visitor movements
  • Floor space analysis
  • Receipts and ID check
  • Health & safety

Data science and software

All Arcanum service projects use our Accelerate Platform to deliver your model or ML feature with ready to integrate software customised for your technology environment.

By working with Arcanum you will save months of additional ML engineering and cloud infrastructure coding, getting you closer to go-live faster (and with better ROI).

Reduce time to value

- Arcanum rapidly takes you from data science to software without needing new tools or new talent. You can deliver intelligent applications and unlock business value at predictable pace.

Working in sync

- Arcanum works with your team to determine what is possible in the time frame, with the data and resources available. We want your project to be a success, fast.

Scale & speed ready

- You don't need to worry about the impact of being successful; Arcanum ensures that you can scale intelligent applications at speed by utilising the best infrastructure management patterns.


Company intro: Recently we worked with Hnry, a rapidly growing Kiwi company who make accounting easy and efficient for busy self-employed people.

Problem: Their system was inefficient and costly as they were needing to rely on a third party to process documents. This was a system that would not scale with their growth and success.

Our joint vision: Together we came up with the plan to create an intelligent automation feature that would have the ability to extract and analyse data with speed. This would save time and costs, as well as enhance their customer's experience.

Solution: Arcanum configured, trained and tested AWS Textract and AWS Analyze Expense to be able to intelligently extract and analyse data. The [Arcanum Accelerate Platform]( was used to deploy the end-to-end workflow within days, generating an API for Hnry.

Result: After working with Arcanum, Hnry have improved data accuracy to over 80% for document processing, saving hundreds of hours of manual corrections, and significantly reduced the amount of resources needed. They have also simplified the UX by reducing the manual user data entry, improving a process at the core of the Hnry value proposition!

Farm Focus

Company intro: Farm Focus enable fellow farmers to effectively predict and plan for "what if" scenarios so that they can make data-driven decisions.

Problem: Farm focus needed to move from manual code labelling of invoices and receipts as it was too time consuming and costly in order to enhance their user experience, as well as feasibly scale their business.

Our joint vision: Together we came up with the plan to integrate an automated predictive coding system that intelligently labels data farmers enter into their software management tool.

Solution: Arcanum built and trained a model to extract and label data with high accuracy and speed using AWS Textract and Analyze Expense.

Result: The end result was an integrated predictive coding feature within the software that predicts invoice and receipt codes, enhancing the customer experience - making it faster and easier to make data-driven decisions.

In 15mins our team can establish what it will take to deliver your outcome.

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