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Video Data Extraction

Video Data Extraction

Getting value from video data is a problem of scale.

Cameras are increasing in quality and rapidly decreasing in cost. This results in cameras becoming a very viable data capture device for more companies. Having 'eyes' wherever you want them is incredibly powerful for a number of high value use cases; especially health and safety, quality control and visitor/shopper experience.

However, more cameras means more video, more video means more data, creating the challenge of how to get insights and value from all the new data. After all, you can't realistically have a team of humans watching every video 24/7!

Video data extraction powered by AI is really the only option. With the cost of cloud and edge compute coming down each year, the option of have AI 'eyes' watching every camera 24/7 is now totally accessible.

Now all you need to do is ask yourself the question; if I could have someone watching everything, what would I want them to note down? What patterns, anomalies or events would I want to know about? What value could this new data bring to my company, my team or my customers?

IDEA: How about increasing revenue from insights gained by tracking every movement of a shopper and staff through a retail store?