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Audio Data Extraction

Audio Data Extraction

"This call is being recorded for training purposes"...

We have all been told this before talking to someone in a contact centre; do you know what most companies actually do with the recording? Nothing. Sad but true.

Extracting value from audio files is now relatively easy; transcribe audio (eg AWS Transcribe) and apply some NLP (eg AWS Comprehend) to get insights. Done. Well its not quite that simple, there is some configuration and integration required, but that is easy with the Arcanum Accelerate Platform!

Unlocking amazing UX or getting insights from calls (or video calls) is now within easy reach for any business. Imagine what you could learn by listening to every customer call or every sales call and the impact it could have on customer service, marketing, training, organisational development.

Idea: What if you could understand the sentiment of your organisation and the probability of successful outcomes from internal projects? Take a look at Pulse.