The future of eDiscovery

AI-powered automation to empower Legal, Information Technology and Professional services.

Opportunity awaits

Let AI do the time-consuming work for you.

Having highly skilled legal practitioners spending time on manual research and administration doesn’t make sense these days - not in the era of AI.

With Raven, teams are boosting productivity - while getting back to spending their valuable time on the complex and meaningful work which matters to their customers.


AI-powered automation delivers accurate and intelligent results.

Raven automates the scanning, splitting, and digitisation of documents to alleviate the significant burden of manual processing. Document ID, date, document type, author, recipient, parent document id, and privilege categories are extracted automatically. We offer user-driven topic detection for larger cases and instances of tailored discovery. We are compliant with the Listing and Exchange protocol as set out in Schedule 9 of the High Court Rules.


Intuitive experience that makes the difference.

Search, edit, and engage with post-processed documents in our intuitive search interface.


Rapidly scan, filter and process millions of documents for faster decision-making.

Through automation, we process huge document loads at speed and scale with accuracy.


Boost productivity with greater research and administration efficiencies.

Allocate skilled resources more effectively and remove unnecessary time expenditure. With quicker, easier and automated eDiscovery, professional service providers can offer competitive pricing from reduced overheads. Equally, with Raven’s transparent and simple pricing model, teams can manage costs based on the number of document pages processed and storage used.

Raven's intelligent
automation allows
legal practitioners to
find and organise the
right information.

Professional service teams can quickly filter through millions of documents to find what’s relevant.

All documents are scanned, organised and digitised automatically. Raven then detects categories and key themes within documents using language and sentiment analysis.

Your document is quickly returned to you - fully coded, digitised and searchable within our simple user-interface. Raven is deployable on-premises or through the Cloud, providing you with ongoing and easy access.


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