Make your meetings more valuable

Power up your voice and video call insights using AI. Pulse takes audio
recordings from meetings and automatically turns them into productivity, engagement, wellbeing, sentiment and compliance insights.

Opportunity awaits

Turn the voice of your customers and employees into valuable insights.

Using Pulse, your organisation's audio and video call data can all be analysed to present insights within minutes. AI-powered automation monitors and measures engagement - based on people's tone, language and contribution on calls. These insights are then displayed in a dashboard, which decision-makers can use to prioritise change in their business.


Capture Customer Sentiment

Using call centre (or similar) audio data, Pulse can accurately measure customer sentiment and satisfaction. Get faster and consistent insights to drive CX improvements where it matters most.

Employee engagement

Monitor Productivity & Wellbeing

Proactively manage your team using consistent and reliable employee insights. By analysing internal meetings, team health and productivity can be measured - along with gaining new insights into leadership and development opportunities.

Operational Improvement

Measure Compliance & Governance

For organisations operating in regulated markets and/or needing to conduct formal services and training remotely, Pulse is an excellent solution to ensure compliance requirements are being met - and provide direction on where improvements are needed.

Less monitoring, better managing

Listening in on calls and monitoring engagement in meetings is hugely subjective, open to bias and tedious work. Pulse is an AI automated solution to remove this burden - and ensure that managers have the right insights to drive change in their business.

Pulse has the unique capability to connect context with conversation - and the language used with the intended sentiment (without human input). Using natural language processing and keyword analysis, Pulse is a fast and effective solution to measure engagement across all of your business.

The Future of Pulse

With less meetings happening in person today, audio and video call data is a growing (and largely untapped) opportunity for businesses to uncover hidden insights in their business.

While Pulse is currently focused on audio files, we are quickly expanding the capabilities so you can measure other indicators of engagement and sentiment. Through computer vision, Pulse will soon be able to monitor facial expressions, movement and much more!
Watch this space.


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