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Want to make your applications more intelligent in a matter of weeks?

Our platform is designed to make things easier for you, so that you can produce higher quality work, with less stress, faster.

The Arcanum Accelerate platform allows you to easily and quickly add features into your product by enabling data scientists to upload their notebooks and have them turned into containerised API's within a day, which can then be easily added into your software.

We have worked with, and are currently working to develop solutions for some awesome companies including the likes of electric bike company UBCO bikes, and smart tax accounting software company hnry.


With new technologies rapidly changing and arising, we know we need to be thinking ahead and innovating the way that we work and the systems we use too. In order to realise the benefits of machine learning, you need a system to integrate into your workflow with ease and speed. This will allow you to scale and get the advantage you want over other businesses that may have more resources, but aren't as innovative or forward thinking.


There are many disconnects within the working environment (even just a small one), and communication between team members can be hard. Often the smaller your company, the more hats you have to wear, and the more roles you need to be able to switch between throughout the day. Believe us, we know all about it! By taking care of things like generating a container to produce an API, monitoring your models after they are deployed into production, we seek to reduce your workload.

Smart Pricing

You only pay when your model is actually in production.

Other platforms and software on the market are targeted toward big enterprises who have the resources and ability to throw money into expensive subscription fees, but Arcanum wants to make this service accessible for more businesses, as we believe that we all should get the opportunity to unleash our awesome! This is why you only pay for the models that you have on the platform, ensuring that the monetary value you are putting in is more aligned with the value you are getting out.

Check out these examples of intelligent features:


We all know and love Uber's ability to tell us when our ride will arrive, preventing us from having to wait out on the street. We can know whether we will be on time for our meeting (or accurately predict how late we will be).

Another awesome example is Xero with their categorisation coding feature. It makes accounting quick and easy (not common associations), by making accurate predictions on the category expenses belong to. Accounting is notorious for being tedious and time consuming, so a feature that helps customers avoid this adds so much value in enhancing their experience.


A common use of this feature is seen chat bots that assist us in navigating our way through a website or problem. If done well, chatbots provide a really engaging interactive experience for the customer, and offer a highly tailored and personalised experience specific to your needs.

We all love Netflix because of the way it gets to know us and helps us decide what to watch. This perfectly fills the pain we all share when sitting down to unwind at the end of a long day of 'I don't know what to watch!'. This not only solves the frustration, but also gives a personalised and reactive experience.


This feature is used by Google in their language translate function, and is incredibly useful when viewing text in a foreign language.

Another way this can be used is converting natural language into code with Codex. Codex and is able to interpret simple commands in natural language and execute them on the user’s behalf—making it possible to build a natural language interface to existing applications.


The ability to extract specific information out of a large number of documents quickly is hugely powerful. It saves valuable time as well as energy, allowing you to do more. Read more about document data extraction here.
Check out Raven.

How about images? - One of our clients Hnry, provide software that makes GST accounting for sole business owners easy. Image extraction is used when customers upload a photo of their receipts. It improves data accuracy for document processing, and saves hundreds of hours of manual corrections.

Audio is another interesting one, and an area that we have worked in a lot. Extracting data from audio enables you to do things such as understand the sentiment of employees and customers during meetings - giving you valuable insights and is a powerful monitoring tool.
Check out Pulse.


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