Working in a finance team at a manufacturing company means you need to be adaptable, accurate, fast and constantly identify opportunities to save on costs. Here is how we help you to get your tasks done more efficiently and effectively.

GPT Financial Analysis & Reporting

Data driven analysis is a huge factor in the success of a manufacturing company, and this is a significant part of a finance team’s input. As you well know, this makes analysing financial data, identifying trends and providing insights to support decision-making - and then effectively communicating them to non-financial stakeholders - is essential. 

Using our Financial analysis and reporting workflow , you can intelligently automate this entire process. Simply securely upload your financial data and select the areas you want analysed to get 10 insights generated for each written using perfect grammar. Insert them into your report and you’re done! You can customise your output to include insights on; Overall financial position, Risks and vulnerabilities, Opportunities and strengths, Cash flow management, Sales and income.


Automated End-to-end template free Invoice Processing

The next generation of invoice processing utilises AI to do the work for you. Easily extract key information from a variety of invoice types - with no set-up or templating required. Arcanum can help automate this process end-to-end, reducing the amount of time and effort required to process invoices. The invoice processing workflow on the Arcanum platform can securely connect to your current accounting systems directly, to create an automated workflow that takes new invoices, extracts the info, and then sends it to your desired destination.


Automated AP reconciliation & GPT email generation

Arcanum automates the painful process of finding matching and mismatched invoices and produces a reconciliation status report. It also saves hours of time by generating custom draft emails to be sent out for reconciliation where appropriate. Simply upload your invoice and PO data, and then select the tone of voice the emails are written in to be able to copy, paste and send! The draft emails are personalised and include all details needed for payment approval.

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