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Realise the business value of your data investments.

Arcanum helps ambitious leaders quickly demonstrate progress towards intelligent decision support systems and AI/ML enabled digital experiences.

We understand that building organisational momentum is key to achieving escape velocity for innovations. We know the journey to unlocking transformational impact with data requires an alignment of processes, tools and talent.

Arcanum enables you to deliver with speed, simplicity and scale.


Convert offline models to cloud deployed API's

Bridge the gap between data and DevOps teams. Unleash awesome.


Deploy ready-made ML applications

Unlock value in documents, audio files, video and IoT devices.


Build-your-own ML micro applications

Create custom solutions using our low-code platform (coming soon)

Arcanum Clients

Data Executives

Deliver fast and impactful change - progressing your strategic agenda, while championing new opportunities for business improvement.

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Progress from lab scale to factory scale initiatives
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Leap forward in capability without recruitment or work-flow changes
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Data privacy by default with PaaS consumption
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Retain optionality across technology and architecture
Data Scientists & Engineers

Seamless transfer of Notebook models and code into ready-to-deploy containers.

No new tools.
Minimal training.
Unleash awesome.

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Intelligent Arcanum Notebooks support data scientist production readiness
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Model and code review provides performance and cost insights
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Automated Docker container preparation for CI/CD acceptance
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Data, model and container level monitoring out-of-the-box

Why others work with Arcanum

Build intelligent applications

- The Arcanum platform makes it incredible fast and easy to integrate data intelligence with internal and external applications.

- No longer do you need to hire expert engineers to delivery AI/ML powered product features.

Increase the value of data investments

- Many organisations are frustrated that the value realisation of their data insights is restricted to BI dashboards.

- Arcanum supports a leap forward in value, helping you move beyond analytics into decision support systems and smart customer facing digital experiences.

Compete with digital natives

- Arcanum bridges the gap between the traditional silos of data, IT and product that often limit amazing user experience.

- No longer do you need to reinvent your organisation to deliver world class digital products and services.

Driving better outcomes across industries
Digital Commerce

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