Transform information into intelligence.

Farrago BI is a simple and scalable Machine Learning solution enabling existing teams to deliver predictive analytics.

Opportunity awaits

Machine Learning predictions to drive better decisions.

Businesses today collect and report on a tonne of data. Unprocessed, this data is just information. When analysed for trends and patterns, it becomes insightful. But with the power of Machine Learning, it becomes truly intelligent.

Farrago Bi uses existing business data and reporting pipelines to create predictive and intelligent insights. Not only dose this allow teams to fast-track their adoption of Machine Learning - it also means businesses can start unlocking more value from their data, while giving decision-makers useful predictions to make confident decisions about the future.


Empower decision-makers

Machine Learning predictions give decision-makers access to the data they need to make decisions about the future, not focus on the past. Without the limitations of data analysis or human resources, teams can achieve better decisions velocity - and quality.


Uncover new opportunities

Farrago displays predictive insights through existing BI dashboards via an API. This enables teams to quickly identify patterns in data - highlighting opportunities for new products, services and consistent business improvement.


Derisk & fast-track ML adoption

The simplicity and speed of Farrago BI's deployment and management gives teams the ability to demonstrate quick momentum and value. Businesses can fast-track their strategy to adopt AI - and overcome the misconceptions of how hard it will be.


Monetize your data

Embedding your data into a Machine Learning model increases the value of the data over time. The sooner you start, the sooner teams can reap the rewards!

With Farrago, deploying Machine Learning into BI dashboards is quick, easy and scalable.

The time and skills needed from your team are minimal to get up and running. Arcanum can take structured data from your existing data warehouse or lake - and prep it for use by Farrago. We then work with your team as required to ensure to ensure a seamless deployment. From there, teams an manage the predictive analytics output autonomously, and scale their adoption.

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Make the shift from experimentation to production pipelines in minutes
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Access integration capabilities with Arcanum's state of the art Machine Learning platform and 3rd party models
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Configure workflow pipelines for your specific business requirements
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Bypass future roadblocks to scale by utilising Arcanum's global AI ecosystem and infrastructure

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