case study

ike GPS


ike GPS are providing industry leading AI solutions for those provisioning power and communications networks with their pole management platform technology.

ike GPS had a pretrained model and needed a solution to inference it while supporting auto-scale. There were also some latency issues, and they needed the resource code of the pipeline to support their model.


  • Arcanum provided a micro service that infers pole detection for IKE gps, by helping with productionising & optimising their current model solution.
  • We used our spellcaster to generate the code, post it to the Bitbucket to create the CI/CD pipeline and helped them provision the AWS infrastructure.
  • Guided by the metrics from our MLOps monitoring system, we found their model would benefit from a GPU, resulting in a 1000% performance increase.
  • We built them an auto-scale feature to ensure they could continue to process quickly as their demand grew, while keeping costs down during quiet periods.