case study


Automated Data Analysis for IHC

IHC are a large not-for-profit based in Wellington, NZ. IHC’s mission is to advocate for the rights, inclusion and welfare of all people with an intellectual disability and support them to live satisfying lives in the community.

They have a large fleet of vehicles to transport patients between their homes, activities and medical appointments. The vehicles all have GPS trackers, sharing data on speed and location. IHC wanted to ensure that the patient transport experience was positive across all drivers, however the analysis of this important data turned into a full-time role for a senior team member.

We wanted to develop a digital solution to automate this task - allowing their staff to focus on more valuable work. The Arcanum team built a machine learning model to identify when the GPS devices reported incorrect data, remove these anomalies - and then deliver the correct data via a containerised script into their environment.

We worked with IHC to minimise the impact of this on any existing data reporting processes. Using Farrago BI, a machine learning model was deployed to check the quality of their data and then deliver the insights into an existing BI dashboard.

Our model delivered data as required, removing the need for human review except for occasions when further action was required - freeing up valuable resource. The IT integration was simple and the Arcanum monitoring tools ensure that the model retains accuracy in production.