Score Big with AI and Machine Learning

Professional sports organizations once viewed data and analytics as having the potential to deliver an informational edge over the competition. Today, analytics are table stakes.

These organizations need to go beyond simply using data to make decisions and execute on new ideas faster than the competition, enabling their people to take the best action at the right time.

AI Sports

Sporting organizations have mountains of raw data, with more becoming available all the time.

This information can now be used to drive value across all aspects of their organization from selling more tickets to preventing injuries in players.

Arcanum enables these organizations to apply AI and machine learning to power insights and decisions both on and off the field.

Player Performance

  • Support draft decisions with future performance predictions
  • Decide which players to sign by understanding their present value and risk
  • Enhance player development by providing feedback to players and coaches
  • Evaluate trade options
  • Precisely target offers
  • Predict and prevent injuries


  • Predict which season ticket holders are likely to churn and why
  • Identify potential season ticket holders
  • Optimally price tickets
  • Forecast ticket sales/attendance
  • Optimize suite sales
  • Predict and prevent injuries

In-Game Strategy

  • Optimise a team’s starting line-up
  • Determine optimal game strategy, including defensive positioning
  • Understand how to counteract your opponent
  • Execute and refine your strategy based on real-time events

ARCANUM can help you with

Sports Operations

You’re in a race with your competition to find the most useful information in your data. Arcanum finds the best models for you, and with Arcanum’s deployment service, you can quickly embed those models into your processes. Allow your analytics team to focus on finding the next advantage and exploit it before the competition does.

Ticket Sales

Using Arcanum, your ticketing team will better understand the optimal price tickets should be sold for, which customers are least likely to renew their season ticket package, and which customers would be most receptive to a season ticket package. Because Arcanum provides simple deployment options, you can easily connect Arcanum models to your existing CRM platform to enable your team to function more efficiently.


Using Arcanum’s enterprise AI platform, marketing teams can understand the impact of both above-the-line and below-the-line marketing efforts. By using insights gleaned from Arcanum and measuring the impact of your organization’s marketing efforts, your marketing team’s contribution can be better optimized for the next season.

Venue Operators

Using historical information from a range of factors, such as ticket prices, attendance, type of event, and weather, your team can use Arcanum to quickly build models to identify the events that will generate the most revenue. You will be able to forecast attendance for events to determine food and merchandise purchases, predict staffing and identify the right price for each seat — maximising attendance and revenue.