For the healthcare industry, the quest to deliver optimal care faces a number of challenges.

From controlling costs to delivering the best outcomes for consumers, the industry is under increasing pressure to deliver better results with greater accuracy.

AI allows healthcare organizations to transform billions of data points into insights and predictions that drive down costs, improve quality of care, and, ultimately, save lives

AI and Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have more information about consumers than ever before. The question becomes how to intelligently use all of that data so that it leads to better health outcomes.

Enter Arcanum’s Enterprise AI platform. Our mission for healthcare organizations is to use AI to improve operations, lower costs, and deliver the best care for patients.

Arcanum can work with you to turn the troves of data found in electronic medical records, diagnostic data, and medical claims information into cutting edge insights and predictions that optimize business processes across your organization.


  • Be a leader in CAHPS, HEDIS and Medicare Star quality ratings with superior analytics
  • Determine which members are at risk for leaving the health plan
  • Improve risk adjustment and capture the best target opportunities
  • Flag potential fraudulent claims
  • Build precise financial, actuarial, and underwriting models for the cost of care, IBNR, MLR, large claims forecasting, and premium pricing, models
  • Use analytics to understand member hospital inpatient length of stay and risk for readmission


  • Build more precise patient readmission risk models
  • Optimize your revenue cycle management and revenue prediction
  • Accurately forecast staffing needs
  • Actively manage your patient population health and accurately stratify your patient population risk
  • Use analytics to understand the patient length of stay and patients at risk for hospital-acquired conditions
  • Be a leader in value-based care

Healthcare Vendors

  • Leverage precision analytics to optimize your patient marketing campaigns, messaging, and call center operations
  • Increase renewals and reduce customer turnover while actively managing your sales force effectiveness
  • Forecast product sales more accurately
  • Build more effective patient/customer messaging
  • Optimize your target marketing
  • Be a leader in supply and demand chain planning with exceptional analytics

ARCANUM can help you with

Chief Medical Informatics Officers

Let Arcanum suggest the best model for each situation, saving your team time and effort trying and comparing every model. Use automated machine learning to build many models at the same time it took to build one, increasing precision with more model granularity.

Chief Analytics Officers

With automated machine learning, you acquire the productivity of a large data science team from a small one. Let Arcanum find the best models for you and use Arcanum’s simple deployment options to get them to market faster.

Business and Department Heads

Tap into the expertise within the data that your healthcare organization already has. Enable business analysts and data analysts without formal data science training to build and use sophisticated models.

Chief Digital Officers

Get models into production faster using Arcanum’s low-risk model deployment options, including code generation, deployment to Spark, and API-based deployment capability.

Chief Information Officers

The bottleneck in many healthcare organizations is no longer a lack of data, but rather plenty of data and not enough analytics staff to turn the data into insight. Democratize data science with Arcanum and watch the performance of your healthcare organization take off as the data reveals opportunities and improvements.