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Pick a new path

Are you looking for a fresh approach and an innovative proposition that will deliver? Do you want to collaborate rather than just consume?

Arcanum supports analytics leaders who want to rapidly deliver value aligned with sustained expectations from the business. Leaders who are taking the organisation on the journey to data driven decisions and intelligence applications.

Build momentum fast

Our Accelerate Platform connects the data and DevOps teams, converting the science into software.  The platform lays down a simple workflow that is the foundation for scaling the integration of data insights and models into software applications.

Our AI/ML applications give you access to cutting edge AI/ML in NLP for documents, audio files and predictive analytics, unlocking new intelligence for decision making and integration into user experiences.

Reduce time to value

- Arcanum rapidly takes you from data science to software without needing new tools or new talent. You can deliver intelligent applications and unlock business value at predictable pace.

Co-create solutions

- The flexible Arcanum workflow and deployment templates make it simple to deliver your use case in your specific technology environment. You are a creator not just a consumer.

Easily integrate AI/ML into products

- Arcanum abstracts away all of the technical complexity of preparing AI/ML models and services for your product team to integrate. 'Doing' AI/ML will become BAU.

Scale & speed ready

- You don't need to worry about the impact of being successful; Arcanum ensures that you can scale intelligent applications at speed by utilising the best infrastructure management patterns.

All gain, no pain

Realise a Nirvana state

Working with Arcanum will help you navigate some challenges of realising your vision so you can focus on building momentum to deliver value:

Picking tools

Arcanum makes your current tools work to deliver AI/ML and removes the need to pick any new one's before you are ready. We work with your teams to align around your journey.

The right talent

As you scale your intelligent application program you will inevitably need to hire more expert talent, until then Arcanum takes on the heavy lifting you are focus on delivering value.

Change management

We believe new outcomes can be delivered quickly and without disruption to existing workflows and processes; transformation without change. Let us show you how.

Deliver your next hero use case in days instead of months.

Find out how.

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