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Are you missing the expert resources or bandwidth to add AI/ML into your software or add some new AI/ML powered insights into a BI function, Arcanum has skills you need.

We are ready to listen to your vision and partner with you through the process to delivery in an incredibly short time. Arcanum has the experience you need to move fast.

Structured Data


- Single/multiple datasets
- Batch or real-time data
- Legacy or cloud

Example use cases
- Customer churn prediction
- Spend allocation
- Customer segmentation
- Duplicate part detection

Documents (NLP)


- Single/multiple doc types
- Text/keyword extraction
- Insights

Example use cases
- Customer sentiment
- Email script compliance
- Abusive text alerts
- Batch summarisation

Images & Video


- Video streams or CCTV
- Photos or images of docs
- Insights and analytics

Example use cases
- Visitor movements
- Floor space analysis
- Receipts and ID check
- Health & safety

experience across ai

Arcanum has worked on over 50 algorithms, models and neural networks since 2016, covering all the domains and flavours of AI/ML typically used by businesses.

Data science and software

All Arcanum service projects use our Accelerate Platform to deliver your model or ML feature with ready to integrate software customised for your technology environment.

By working with Arcanum you will save months of additional ML engineering and cloud infrastructure coding, getting you closer to go-live faster (and with better ROI).