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Meet Arcanum

What is Arcanum?

Unleashing awesome

Arcanum is a latin word that means a secret and powerful remedy: ɑːˈkeɪnəm
We are also D&D fans

More please!

Unleashing awesome

  • awesome work satisfaction
  • awesome user experiences
  • awesome life opportunities

We are on a mission to unleash awesome through our technology and through our people. We want to enable awesome for our team, our customers and our community. Its still just the beginning of our journey, we hope you'll join us on the way.

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Unleashing awesome

Some awesome initiatives we're involved in:

Please contact us if you have an event or initiative that Arcanum could support.

what drives us

Enabling AI/ML awesome through intelligent applications

Arcanum was born out of ambition, optimism, and a passion for AI/ML. We see the huge opportunities ahead for organisations to capture the value of the exponential technology, but we also understand the barriers organisations face in adoption. From day one our focus has been simplified solutions that bypass technical roadblocks, so teams can quickly demonstrate the commercial success and scale of what's possible with this exciting technology - unleashing awesome for users and customers.

Meet arcanum

Your Epic Team

We are a team of AI/ML scientists, engineers and business translators based in New Zealand.
We are on the journey with you, please connect with us for any questions or ideas.

Asa Cox

Founder / CEO
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Scott Houston

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Diana Minnée

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Nogah Shmeltzer

Head of Customer Operations
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Henry Zwart

Machine Learning Engineer
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Dave Ball

Senior DevOps Engineer
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Tom Bingham

Machine Learning Engineer
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Sophie Groos

Marketing Coordinator
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Brent Colbert

Alliances Director
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Aaron Li

Full Stack Developer
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Eddril Lacorte

Front End Developer
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Shailendrasinh Jadeja

MLOps Engineer
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Felix Zhao

MLOps Engineer
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Bin Wang

Head of Engineering
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