Epic Team. Awesome Mission.


What drives us?

Arcanum was born out of ambition, optimism, and a passion for AI & Machine Learning.

We see a future where Machine learning is used by all to unleash their awesome, and we have first hand experience of the barriers to adoption.

From day one our focus has been about creating a simplified solution that bypasses technical roadblocks, so that teams can quickly demonstrate the commercial success and scale of what's possible with this technology.

Our mission

Awesome user experiences
Awesome life opportunities
Awesome work satisfaction

We are on a mission to unleash awesome through our technology and through our people. We want to enable awesome for our team, our customers and our community. Its still just the beginning of our journey, we hope you'll join us on the way.

simplicity, speed & scale

What we do

Arcanum helps ambitious product leaders quickly demonstrate progress towards intelligent decision support systems and AI/ML enabled digital experiences.

We understand that building organisational momentum is key to achieving escape velocity for innovations. We know the journey to unlocking transformational impact with data requires an alignment of processes, tools and talent.

Arcanum enables you to deliver with speed, simplicity and scale.

Meet the team

Asa, Founder CEO
Scott, CTO
Diana, COO
Bin, Head of Engineering
Pim, Head of Delivery
Dave, Snr DevOps Engineer
Josh, MLOps Engineer
Eddril, Snr Front End Dev
Felix, Snr Data Scientist
Shailendra, MLOps Engineer
Aaron, Full Stack Dev
Nathan, Data Scientist
Harsha, Sales Associate
Sophie, Marketing Manager
Hamish, Front End Dev
Connor, MLOps Engineer

We love getting involved

Here are some of the current initiatives we are proud to be involved in:

We are always looking for new ways to support our wonderful community!

Please reach out to us if you have an event or initiative that you would like Arcanum to be involved in - we would love to hear about it.